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our first article will highlight the numbers of slums within Nairobi county,currently there are approximately 2.5 million slum dwellers in Nairobi county consisting to almost 60% of Nairobi county residents,the 2.5 million residents occupy only roughly a 6% of the land.

Kibera which is the largest slum in Kenya is a home to approximately 250,000 residents.

  • Baba Ndogo
  • Dandora
  • Fuata Nyayo
  • Huruma
  • Kawangware
  • Kangemi
  • Kiambiu
  • Kibera (including Gatwekera, Kambi Muru, Kangemi, Kianda, Kichinjio, Kisumu Ndogo, Laini Saba, Lindi, Makina, Makongeni, Mashimoni, Mugumoini, Raila, Sarang’ombe, Shilanga, Siranga, Soweto East and Soweto West)
  • Korogocho
  • Majengo, Nairobi
  • Matopeni
  • Mathare
  • Mathare Valley
  • Mukuru kwa Njenga
  • Mukuru slums
  • Nyalenda
  • Pumwani
  • Ziwa la Ng’ombe
  • Kenyatta University Slums


a sketch map of Kibera slum highlighting the villages.  photo courtesy

congestion in the slum is a major challenge in most slums as the residents are in search of cheap housing which is coordinated by cartels.

congestion has led to spread of diseases which can be prevented if NGOs and ministry of housing could work together to initiate conducive and affordable housing.



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