As the famous quote goes, you cannot choose your family but you can always choose your friend is a perfect scenario of life inside a slum.

With the majority of the current slum dwellers being originally born there it shows that most of the slum ingenious people do not leave to other places,they get hooked up to the slum lifestyle,some follow the right path but other (youth) get trapped to the slum vices that is ; prostitution,crime,drug and substance abuse just to mention a few,majority being the youth it is a clear sign that there is lack of motivation towards the slum youth which obviously has an effect to the larger society.

In a recent past the rise of a notorious gang going by the name of Gaza with its roots in the Kayole area,consisted of young boys as a young as 15 years old who even know how to assemble a gun and exchange fire with law enforcers-how sad.

even as critics may argue that these children are a product of the society there needs to be systems that can establish projects which aid young youths in establishing their talents and skills,with the current unemployment rate in the country experiencing a high then most of the slum youths might not be able to acquire college and university education, therefore nurturing their skills can enhance entrepreneurship as an alternative to acquire income in place of crime and other vices.

ballet kibera.jpg
Primary school children in Kibera taking a ballet dance class (Photo courtesy Aljazeera)

a good example is Annos Africa and One Fine Days charity activities in Kibera slums that teaches young children ballet lessons,Americashare community library established by the Micato safaris which creates educational resources for students even in the university level.

Religious organizations and even donors with support from the ministry of youths can work together to curb the menace and also help up the society to bringing up productive youths


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