slum political




Hooliganism is defined as violent or rowdy behavior by young troublemakers, typically in a gang.

2017 being an election year media is flooded with dramatic news as politicians go ahead to lure voters to vote for them in the various elective posts.But behind the scenes is the masked politicians who deploy young youths to make it impossible for newcomers in the political field to sell out their agendas to the people.

from stone pelting, to face off fights among supporters resulting to death and even injuries among civilians leaves the nation worried.

politicians exchanging brawls over differences in a public rally


Majority of the hooligans are jobless youths ,who politicians promised to create jobs for them in the last elections and therefore,here they are again ,creating violent jobs.In an effort for the community to promote peace,politicians are busy corrupting minds of innocent youths through violence and in return all they get are handouts from the greedy politicians.

We need a system that promotes peace and security to ensure upcoming leaders,especially youths and women who have visionary ideologies for the people are protected from powerful politicians who are drunk with power,the vice has been witnessed across all areas of the country and it denies Kenyans a right to have a wide choice on who to vote in as their leaders.


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