it’s  the end of the April holiday  and the homes were lively with school kids on holiday,thanks to the banning of holiday tuition now kids had a month break from books and get busy with children stuff.However,a number of kids are making a shilling, doing odd jobs just to help their parents put food on the table.From making rounds in the slums looking for recyclable materials to vending Popsicles in the streets.

in the streets of Nairobi street kids numbers ae rising day by day at an alarming rate,children as young as 10 year old begging for few pennies and others selling chewing gum as late as 9 pm during the night hours.This is an indicator of how times are hard for most families as the country faces a high in cost of living.It is definitily obvious that at this rate most families in the slum cannot afford a three course meal bearing in mind the rate at which majority of companies are laying off workers as a result of low profits.

Most casual workers in the industrial areas of Nairobi live either in Kibera,Mathare and Mukuru slums,with companies like Sameer limited(tyre section)softa bottling company closing down their plants late last year,then it shows how most families are having it hard.

A young boy scavanging at the Dandora dumpsite. Photo/courtesy

While kids from rich families are busy watching television,playing play-stations and other rich stuff,their fellow agemates are trying to make a killing,however all is not lost as Non govermental organizations are slowly changing the face of the slums with projects that ensure young people are occupied throughout the holidays.A good example is the Micato library at Mukuru kwa Njenga slums.

The facility has a book library, an outdoor area why students can conduct study groups and also a free internet access computer library where i also happen to be penning this article,they is a also a lacrosse and basketball team in the facility with a coach to train the youths.

inside the facility there is life compared with what happens outside ,young people are free from hard labor,drugs indulgence and other vices that pose a risk to young people.

we need a society where the welfare of children is taken care of by all members of a society.



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