Its election year and the majority of Kenyans are going crazy due to the high cost of living which the government blames on the dry spell that has been witnessed since late last year and the first few months of 2017.Every corner you go it’s the same debate :Unga,Maziwa na sukari imepanda aki .

Nobody knows how long we shall endure this but we can only hope for the better, as much as Kenyans are digging deeper in their pockets to pay for food ,slum dwellers need to sensitized on the need for medical insurance cover, according to an article run in one of the dailies  by columnist XN Iraki earlier this year, Africans have more respect for the dead than for the sick, therefore fundraising to raise money to clear hospital bills have lower attendance compared to burial arrangements fundraising. This in turn dictates that healthcare is a personal responsibility and every individual should put aside a monthly premium to cover him and his family during the time of sickness, and this is where NHIF comes in.

A subscriber of NHIF has a lot benefits that are covered by the fund which could be very pressing if one paid from their own pockets, below  are some of the major benefits covered by the health fund:-


-Laboratory investigations

-Drugs administration and dispensing

-Dental and optical Healthcare Services

-Radiological Examinations

-Nursing and Midwifery Services

-Surgical Services


-Physiotherapy Service

-Drug and rehabilitation services

additionally the funds covers up to Kshs 10,000 for normal maternal deliveries and Kshs 30,0000 for caesarean sections.

for self-employed subscribers, you can pay a monthly fee as low as Ksh 500 which can be remitted via mobile phone money transfers, for formal employment it is as low as Ksh 1,700 deductible from your monthly salary.

Patients in a ward at Kenyatta National Hospital. Photo /courtesy

The world has  a health crisis with the rise of number of chronic diseases especially in developing countries where healthcare and even equipment to patient ratio is not proportional, a fund like NHIF should therefore be basic for every household and is a game changer for the people.

NHIF registers all eligible members from both the formal and informal sector. For those in the formal sector, it is compulsory to be a member. For those in the informal sector and retirees, membership is open and voluntary,You can visit their website or their headquarters at Upper hill, Ragati Road- Haile Selassie Avenue Junction.

Alternatively you can also enquire on their customer care email


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