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Jobless youths in desperate need for jobs   photo/courtesy

The general elections are getting close with leaders traversing across the country to lure the people to vote them in various elective positions,with the various political parties unveiling their manifestos to woo the majority, there is a group of people that should be concerned with what the leaders are bringing to the table.

according to a survey people between the age of 18- 29 years consist of 46% of the current electorate .These are the youth however,the biggest number of this age group are either in school or even jobless and with no financial income however the current leaders have been tricking them with shoddy projects that do not uplift their financial lifestyle from Car wash projects to handouts and t shirts , and even paying them to cause mayhem to their political opponents(hooliganism).

The youths need to realize that they have a majority voice in the next month general election and therefore they should not vote leaders based on popularity,tribal lines or even affiliations.They should vote for leaders who transform their lives.

unlike the aged people who are still stuck to tribal lines ,the current youth generation is diverse and therefore needs to vote wisely to benefit from a democratic election.Youths are only benefiting from only IEBC contract jobs and other 10 day contract jobs which cannot sustain them for long,they should watch out for leaders who ensure they put into work skills they have acquired in colleges and universities and not unskilled labor.

if we vote by these lines then we are guaranteed that the our education system will be put to work in the job industry ,let us shun cheap politics and embrace revolutionary leadership to enhance economic empowerment among the youth.


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