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Choppers that have become popular during this years’ election campaigns




As i pen this, I am not requesting for a fresh registration exercise to roll again, nor am i requesting for underage fellows to be considered to vote in the next month’s election; I am just appealing for a fresh approach of issues as we head to the ballot box.

Are you satisfied with the current look of issues in your community? Has your current leader delivered what he promised in an event he received your vote and got the seat he was running for in the previous election? Has your current leader under delivered and failed his electorate and is now appealing for tano tena? With claims that, “he /she needs another five years to complete what he started”?

Yes i am talking to you because you are a voter who i need to reconsider your options and choice of candidate, if you are open to new ideas then you are a the new voter i need on 8/8/2017.You are the voter who had already made up his made even before party alliances were created this year, even before parliament and the senate and the county assembly went for recession.

reasons of choice of leader vary from personal reasons to influence as a result of mass hysteria: the candidate is of your tribe, the candidate is in the mouth of everyone in your community, he is the candidate of choice that your extended family ‘considers favorite’, he is the moneyed candidate that leaves every villager drunk as he traverses in your village in his 4×4 guzzler on the dusty road that he promised to tarmac during last elections’ campaign,the one that lands in the local primary school playground on a chopper ,the primary school that does not have a roof ,you know the under the tree classroom? He has the audacity to make a rain of thousands to clueless villagers but cannot make a roof on top of your children classrooms? He cannot even pipe water for the children so they can be saved from endless trips to the nearby river to fetch water to dust their bare earth classroom?

The politician who builds bodaboda shades but does not create safety awareness workshop to curb road accidents, obviously because most bodaboda operators do not have driving licenses. The politician who cannot improve drainage systems in the slums but can drain the slum youths with campaign booze the kind that gives women khangas with their silhouette  campaign images but does not care on the welfare of the children. The one that allows hawker in to the city Centre during the electioneering period but harasses them during the other four years of his tenure. The one that promised power connection in that remote hill in the village which looks like a forest even at dawn and some minutes after dusk.

These are some of the failures that are associated with the tano tena kind of leaders that we are going to find their faces in the ballot next month, I hereby appeal to every voter, flashback to the promises and create a scoreboard and try to figure out if that candidate deserves your vote, discuss this among your circles do not endorse but simply enlighten each other on the importance of electing the eligible voters ,do not overlook the independent candidate simply because he is not giving handouts, after all handouts do not change the community.

we need to view the elections as a community based benefit and not an individual gain,let us consider the welfare of our mothers and the children they carry on their back, the old people who are no longer energetic and are still fighting for survival, our fathers who are poor farmers struggling to make a shilling, our fellow youths who are educated but can only get mere wages, the orphans who on bursaries the widows and single mother who are trying to breakeven economically to raise their children, our policemen who protect the nation but live in shanties ,the landless people in their country of birth and other oppressed people in the society.

These are the thoughts that should run in our minds as the Election Day approaches let the politician do their politicking and let us do our liberal voting.




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