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Tolerance- the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.


The political heat seems to be escalating as we keep drawing to the ballot and in the last four days some not so pleasing events have unfolded in various political camps which leaves question like ,why are we having low tolerance to fellow Kenyans?

From the Deputy President William Ruto at Kisumu to the NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga at Kabarnet.The jeers and heckling of politicians is a sign of how we the people have shut down and are not open two new ideas from politicians seeking elective posts.

We as the electorate should consider it an advantage when leaders visit our areas to address on what they feel should be addressed in an event they took over power from the current government. Areas that are often considered as strongholds for various parties seem to be the most popular with these events since they are not ready to be influenced by different ideologies from other camps. Politics aside we are a nation bound by pillars that not only put us together but also ensure that we respect our diverse cultures and beliefs therefore, every Kenyan should be free to campaign in any part of the country as long as his message does not fuel propaganda, hate or violence.



Youths destroying NASA campaign material at Kabarnet, a Jubilee stronghold. photo/courtesy

Peaceful campaigns are ingredients of a peaceful election and therefore if we cannot give way to peaceful campaigns, then there might be unnecessary tension as the elections nears. Leaders as well have a role in ensuring peaceful campaigns by influencing their supporters to embrace tolerance to opposing camps. The same way leaders influence the masses to vote for them overwhelmingly, they should as well influence peace amongst the people.

Politicians should also refrain from using youths to cause chaos during campaigns, if at all they have the people’s best interest then hooliganism should not be a tool to ward off competitors and it should be shunned even by the masses and authorities.



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