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The General election D-day is less than a week close, over the past one week there has been mixed emotions and feelings as a result of events unfolding that are sending chills to every citizen.

The murder of the ICT head of the IEBC has left the nation with a lot of questions on what could be the motive behind his eventual death. That aside, hundreds of people have already starting travelling upcountry, with a small percentage of that number being registered voters in the villages, most of them are just going home till the electioneering period is complete, therefore translating to lower voter turnout as a result of the unnecessary tension created by the fierce campaigns and hooliganism that has been witnessed for the better part of the campaign period.

Various European countries among them Russia and even Australia have already issued travel advisories to their citizen on the need to practice caution as they visit Kenya, Multinational companies with offices in Kenya have also put measures to protect their employees from any harm as a result of any dispute that may arise from the next week election, this goes without saying the effect this kind of measures have already impacted the economy ,travel advisories are already taking  toll on the hotel and tourism industry, local banks have minimized the limit amount of lending to 5 million due to uncertainty.

Nairobi residents travelling upcountry ahead of General elections  photo/courtesy

The growing tension is a result of the high level of intolerance that has been witnessed across the country, unfortunately the intolerance has been brought about by difference in political stands, politics has divided us into tribal units and coalitional units as a result of the coalitions created by merge in political parties, I have lost the number of times I have witnessed political arguments that have turned into brawls even the democratic bunge la mwananchi has been heated up in the past few months. Unfortunately people are divided into tribal affiliations and therefore they are unable to see the real issues affecting the country that is why we have a tendency of voting bad leaders over and over again, the mtu wetu ideology is killing democracy since people are not approaching the ballot with a clear mind. Politicians are still insisting on the six piece voting formula, but is that what we really need   as the majority citizens?

it’s the high time every voter to cast a vote based on problem solving ideologies and not popularity that has been brought about by research polls ,media sensation and even handouts from politicians.


Vote for peace!!!


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