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Politics In Kenya & The Ordinary Citizen

Politics in Kenya Vs the Common Citizen

The politics season is almost over after a 4 months hangover between the courts and the polling stations.

The country has witnessed a tough time since August since both local and foreign investors have been shying away from ejecting revenue into their businesses due to the political uncertainty that comes along with the electioneering period.

We can only hope for a recovery in our economy and even in other avenues that make Kenya standout among the rest in the East African Community.

Politics in Kenya aside. We voted for new leaders in all levels of leadership and now it is time for work, work and nothing else but work.

It is the duty of every Kenyan to understand the constitution and distinguish between their rights and their privileges when it comes to service delivery by elected leaders.

Starting from the basic needs like education, basic amenities like water, healthcare top among the list of rights that majority of the Kenyan population has been denied by the leaders of the day.

Communities have to walk long distances to access water or even spend a lot of money to buy a jerry can of water. Which is not right. Kenyans need to put their leaders on their toes and ensure they get the best out of the next five years.

I believe everyone is tired of empty promises from politicians who only serve their interests and ignore the plight of the taxpayers.

A section of a bad road during heavy rains in urban areas due to poor drainage in Mombasa. Photo/Courtesy Kenya Monitor


Below is a list of services you should demand from your elected leaders across the board.

Quality education

Every learner is supposed to be guaranteed quality education. This constitutes the right resources and a conducive environment. We can only hope not to witness another stalemate between the teachers and the government as this affects the education system with school goers being the ultimate victims.

University lecturers are currently on strike not forgetting this is their second strike within one year, this means public university students have missed two semesters in a one year period.

The government has also been put in bad light by the media due to deplorable conditions of classes in schools in remote areas.

Good and accessible roads.

Its 2017 and politics in Kenya are still having roads as a manifesto in their campaigns. As an agriculture economy, it goes without saying that for you to maximize profits on agriculture produce, transport plays a vital role in ensuring the end user is able to afford food.

Price of farm produce will never be affordable if the farmer has to use an extra fee to ensure produce gets to the market, people in urban areas will therefore be forced to spend more on basic commodities like food.


How do we even start here? We have been receiving threats left right and center. Al-Shabaab is still a nightmare, even places of worship are no longer safe. Urban areas are still prone to robbery and carjacking. Police are busy engaging in taking bribes from illegal businesses and have forgotten their basic purpose. Maintaining law and order.

Pastoralist communities are in constant fear from raids that result to not only loss of life but also loss of their livelihoods.

It is the duty of every citizen to ensure that every leader provides what a citizen is entitled to.

What do you think should be improved in your area of residence?

By Victor Von Njagi






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