LIFESTYLE, parenting


By Victor Von Njagi

Pheeeeew, see how time flies? it has been an overwhelming journey for a straight 13 years and look now, here you are at the top of the world.I know that feeling

I know you are used to letters from your high school lovers, oh I loved them too back in my high school days.

I promise you this is not the end final letter you will receive from this world, but this might be a special one because it gives you a clear picture of what you expect and what the world expects from you from today ends forth.

I urge you that you do not scroll down hurriedly to the bottom of the page as what I am about to tell might sound less interesting but I bet it contains the facts and rules you need on your fingertips to survive on mother earth.


Yes, you are now an adult, over 18 no more child play there is no room for that in the real world. You are equivalent to a chicken whose mother has let to live on self. Be ready to listen more from your elders, but make decisions on your own.

When people make decisions for you, they create a room for regrets which is not something you need in a near future.

You might feel neglected by your parents and feel like the world is crushing but those are the fruits that come with adult age. You are on your own.


Sound just right. Never forget that freedom comes along with responsibility. You can do anything you want in life but be ready to bear full responsibility for your actions.

No one will take the blame for your own actions, not even the parents that brought to this world.BE RESPONSIBLE!


This was a rather embarrassing discussion to have with you a while ago but let us face it, It is real you are going to college and you will meet with peers of opposite gender and one thing will to another, but let the thing not lead to regrettable and foolish mistakes that will have an permanent effect on your future.

Ever heard of babies getting babies? That aside STDs are real. I believe your biology teacher taught you that in school.


This is a constant debate. It is affecting grown adults with families and has even extended to school going children who are underage. Marijuana alcohol, cigarettes. You add and make your own list of other drugs you know. Drugs do not only affect you but also the people around you .Choose your friends wisely.


You never know you might come up with the next big invention that will make an impact to the society.

Do not join the university and forget the world around, as they, ask for what you can do for the world and not what the world can do for you.

Most inventors came up with concepts at a young age and so are you. Make it count!!



Ecclesiastes 11:9you who are young, be happy while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth. Follow the ways of your heart and whatever your eyes see, but know that for all these things God will bring you into judgment.’’

As the holy book says enjoy your youth but don’t count the days let the days count!!!

Yours sincerely

An Elder Brother







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