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As 2017 takes a bow, January 2018 will take a new turn with the most focused human beings, the world generally goes crazy when the clock ticks to a new year.

New Year resolutions just like the previous year, below is a compilation of important  New Year resolutions that most of us do not see through the first quarter of the year.

Cutting cost.

This resolutions is mostly influenced by the fact that most people have spent heavily over the Christmas holiday.

Considering that everyone breaks for Christmas with the December salary which is supposed to see them through January, then as the year ends cut costing is very necessary.

The thing is, personal finance is normally child’s play and therefore you need to get a pen and paper and write down avenues that are leaving your pockets empty, devise other ways to cut the current costs you are already incurring.

From eating out, you could carry lunch to work.  Impulsive buying is also a challenge to anyone with shopping taste buds, appreciate what you have now, instead of trying to get happy by acquiring more things.

Remember cutting cost is all about saving. What you save is what determines if you are going anywhere.

Watching weight.

This is for my brothers and sisters who feel like they are horizontally challenged. Losing weight is a personal initiative and should not be as a result of pressure from the outside world.

If it is coming from you then you need to realize that you need to have the discipline of a sportsman. This is where the loose weight army loses it.

You need to stick to an exercise routine either at home or even at a gymnastic club. Watching what you eat is also essential to achieve this goal.

It makes no sense to work out for 2 hours and walking back home with a chicken bucket with a few fries, eat healthy.

working our requires routine and discipline to achieve the desired goal.

Learn a new skill.

You would be surprised how a year ends without you learning something new, you never know it would change your life completely.

You could join a class on leadership, foreign language, communication skills or even pottery.

Some people have learnt skills that have turned into hobbies and finally a source of income.

Above all skills learn how to learn!!

Travel more.

I know now I am invading your finances somehow but you would be surprised how much you learn by travelling.

You visit new places you never visited and your mind is open to new experiences that could turn into business ideas and even gain more wisdom. You have definitely have spent time with people who travel a lot and they are surely a good company to keep.

Kill the old bad habits.

We all have those habits that annoy people around us. Our family, partners and even colleagues .Take one step at a time and learn how you can improve one habit a time and have healthy relationships with people around us.

You will be surprised by how much bad habits affect the growth of relationships in our circles.


Make 2018 count don’t just drown into it like you did with 2017!!

By Victor Von Njagi






  1. Awesome blog! I’ve followed & I’m new here & would love if you checked out my blog, and followed if you liked what you read! Thanks so much! Rachel

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  2. Nice post! Definitely some resolutions in here I could be better at 😂 The learn a new skill one in particular interests me, but we’re travelling long term so don’t want to accumulate any stuff like a guitar. Any suggestions?


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