Lessons to Learn From Tribal Stereotypes Across Kenya.

Happy New Year! Holidays are over and everyone has resumed normal business of the year, as the majority of us try to maintain a tight budget as a result of “chopping money” in the past one week.

Well, we Kenyans have had a bad history of tribalism within our borders which is often triggered by political differences especially during the election periods

Today I want to explore ethnicity in a different perspective and try to find out ways we can learn from other tribes and improve our lives through this New Year.

Below is a compilation of stereotypes instilled on some five Kenyan tribes that could have a positive impact on our lives if we saw them in another perspective.

Business Minded Kikuyus

Maybe it would be right to say that these people mind their own business (pun intended).

But everyone associates Kikuyus with either stealing or business. From selling ghost land to selling genuine spare parts. The Kikuyus could be distant relatives of our Asians in Kenya because they have an entrepreneur’s spirit in them.

Most of them do not embrace employment and they are likely to have a spirit of taking chances, and if employed they are likely to have a side hustle at their workplace.

I am not saying that you should change your name to Karanja or Kamau but this year you could try out something to make that extra cash.

If you always thought of quitting formal employment to starting a business, then this year is it.

The Lakeside Luos

Well, it goes without saying that anything classy is always associated with the Luos. We could say that they have luxury taste buds.

On the flipside, our brothers define the trait of not settling for the least which is not necessarily pride.

This year do not settle for people who disrespect you. Walk away from relationships that belittle you. Do not settle for anything less. You deserve something better than what you normally fall for.

The Flash Brothers from Rift Valley

These are the only people in Kenya who can get away with anything, famously known for donning leather jackets.

They can be described with one song. Speed of light by Coldplay. They have been known to produce the best athletes from Kenya to the world. They have a spirit of winning which has seen them bag medal all along.

In 2018 you need to have the spirit of endurance and fighting hard to win what is in your way.

Do not give up along the way you must keep keeping on and you might get what you have always longed for ultimately. This is the spirit of Sportsmanship.


Kenyan athletes who are mostly from the Rift-valley region who never disappoint in International games

The Kambas

People may poke holes on the Kambas due to the climatic conditions of their region but you cannot beat them when it comes to loyalty.

I have often had young men talk of how they would love to marry a Kamba lady .Employers on the other hand always prefer Kamba employees because they come along with their loyalty and honesty.

Recently I heard a friend say “Huwezi iba na mkamba” which loosely translates to you cannot steal with a Kamba.

If you have been using dishonest scales make sure you are truthful and at least even be honest to yourself.

The Coast Republic

They are basically known for making everyday a holiday. Literally this might sound ridiculous but all over the world people who are inhabitants of the coasts and beaches take their rest seriously.

Sometimes we take life so seriously and end up forgetting the finer things in life. After a long day or week take a rest by doing something that makes you unwind. Just because we had a rough 2017 does not mean you should be married to your work. Take a vacation, visit new places and have fun.

Above everything let us shun tribalism and embrace diversity which is the core foundation of our country Kenya.

By Victor Von Njagi







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