Is it a case of Killer Roads or Just Killer Humans ?

Road Carnage: Let’s face it,the rot in the society is slowly revealing

Over the last 30 days the country has witnessed massive loss of lives as a result of road carnage on our roads. “Killer roads” as we often refer to them but are they killer roads? Let’s take a step back and figure out if we really have killer roads or just killer humans.

All starts at a driving school with a fancy name, and definitely a quack management, driving school students will attend 22 or so lessons both on the road and the model town so as to familiarize themselves with roads in an urban setting.

After these lessons they attend a driving test which to me was more of a joke, considering the road sign test took less than a minute, not forgetting it’s the traffic police who administerS the test.

If you are not so good with the test, you can easily part away with some cash and you will be getting your licence just like the rest of the students who performed exceptionally on the test, and that ladies and gentlemen is how there is an incompetent driver gets to our road.


The roads are the crazy part. You are either in a private car, a public service vehicle which includes a motorbike or you a pedestrian, for the private cars, speeding is the daily routine, I mean, driving a V8 will always tempt you to always have your feet on the pedal as the motorsport enthusiasts love to say “clutch, shift, gas repeat”.

Everyone thinks he is a Lewis Hamilton until an emergency comes calling.

In 2017 NTSA registered 714 pedestrians’ deaths on our roads .This is attributed to speeding in restricted areas, closing on non designated areas, and other factors that are mostly a result of people flouting with the law.

Passengers are also known to flout the law by crossing on busy highways, footbridges have been constructed to ensure there is minimal interaction between pedestrians and vehicles operating on the highways like Mombasa road, Thika road etc. But Kenyans still want to compete with speeding trailers by crossing the highways dangerously.

Approximately 320 bodaboda riders lost their lives. According to the public bodaboda are the worst road users owing to lack of reflectors, helmets for passengers, using the wrong lanes just to mention a few.

Bodaboda passengers do not even bother asking for a reflector and a helmet when they are being ferried by these rogue riders.

So what happens when you crash on a highway when you are being rushed by a motorbike bearing in mind you do not have a helmet to shield your head? Who is the killer here yourself or the road?

A cartoon illustration of how authorities create unorthodox ways to curb road accidents Photo /Courtesy Gado Cartoons

Public service vehicles top the list of the most notorious in the road carnage thanks to the rot in the police service that is expected to maintain sane on our roads. Bribing being the order of the day. Matatus with faulty speed governors operate on our roads like its child play.

Ever been in an overloaded matatu and when you get to a police block, expecting the police to save the day, you are left in shock when the driver high fives the police I charge like it’s a reunion, yeah that’s how accident happen. Unroadworthy vehicles operate like they are new with worn out tires, brakes and everything faulty.

To cut the long sad story short every operator on our roads is to blame for the menace being witnessed all over .You should not board a matatu that does not have a seat, unless you can buckle a safety belt seated.

Do not accept a bodaboda operator to ferry you without a helmet and a reflector because of anything you know how that story ends.

On the authorities measures need to be taken on how corrupt officers should be dealt with, sadly this has been the song even before I was born.

At the end of the day we do not have killer roads we just have killer human beings .Who little or no regard for the law.

By Victor Von Njagi





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