Hello world, sometimes ago this month I wrote a post on the state of unemployment among the Kenyans youths especially the graduates

Today I will address the same issue but more of the ripple effects that are a result of joblessness among the young people; crime.

The mainstream media as well as the social media has been addressing the issue of crime especially within Nairobi, and I believe the same issue is affecting other urban centers around the country.

The rate of crime is experiencing an extra ordinary high .Sometimes last week a screenshot post was making rounds about a lady who had her weave stolen, a few days later another lady posted on social media how her one earring was ripped from her ear leaving her ear bleeding as a result.

These cases of stealing may sound petty but it is just an example of how robbery has evolved within the city Centre, owing to unreported cases of mobile phone theft and Laptops.

A screen shot from an earring theft victim photo/Twitter

In my circle of friends a month cannot pass without one of my friend narrating about someone they know being a victim of robbery, to make it worse during the day!

Youths have encroached the city and work in gangs on a 24 hour basis to mug people mercilessly, the worst bit is that they are young people who are probably frustrated and result to crime as a source of income.

The government agencies need to work together and combat crime. The CBD is very populated and therefore police need to be let in the streets and ensure sane resumes. Streets that were previously believed to be the safest in Nairobi have not been spared as the criminals and not leaving anything to chance.

Being a victim of robbery, I can openly say that the police are not doing their best in combating crime. The moment you are mugged and report to the police, they tell you that they will investigate and patrol the area where the crime happened only a few days later, another victim is robbed at the same exact point.

A lady being robbed in broad daylight in Uptown Nairobiphoto /courtesy


Civilians have lost trust in the police because nothing comes out of reporting a crime.Mid last year a NTV reporter exposed a criminal gang that mugs people mobile phones and other valuables at the riverside roundabout , I believe police are aware of the expose but the criminals are still at the same spot snatching valuables.

Shooting down thugs may sound like a well deserved remedy to criminals, but in the long run are we helping fight crime in the long run?we always support the idea of gunning down criminals but we need to address crime as a society and not a personal issue.

Our correction system also needs to be improved in a way that inmates, once released from prison come back positively and do not go back to their lives of crime. Prison in Kenya is no longer correcting people but hardening them to become worse criminals than before.

As I conclude we cannot turn a blind eye on the core reason why crime is experiencing a high. We need a friendly government system that encourages entrepreneurship among the young generation, we cannot ignore the efforts by the government to create financial programmes that enable youths to get loans to facilitate startups, but the bureaucracy and the lengthy process in getting the same funds has resulted to low uptake of the funds.

Young people believe it is easier to get a loan from a bank than applying for the Uwezo fund.

It might be true that security begins with you as the President said some years back, but what happens when everyone is a victim?





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