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Revisiting The Shithole Shenanigans.

Today is January 45th and as I write this piece I believe anger has cooled in all the 52 independent states of Africa and Haiti included.




vulgar                                                                                                                                                  an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.

A while ago the president of the United States caused a stir by calling African countries shithole countries, this did not go well with the entire continent but anger aside, we need to put personal issues aside and address why this statement may have come up in the first place.

Over decades since most African countries acquired independents, we have been ridiculed for our poor ways of managing issues and how we implement policies both social and political as a whole.

Below are some of the reasons why the shithole name might hang around for a while;

1. Politics

Africa is still covered by the dictatorship cloud, countries have crumbled as a result of civil war. Rwanda being a perfect example of how people of one nation should not engage in war for political differences.

South Sudan the youngest country in Africa isstill facing war simply because of political differences among leaders that have led to a rift between citizens.

Leadership is being inherited by families making us a monarch continent indirectly.

Other leaders sticking to power for over 20 years acquiring the title father of the nation like the Biblical Abraham!

Leaders are still after selfish interests and do not put the interests of the people who vote them. What a shithole!

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2. Agriculture

Well food is everything and this cannot miss on the list. We are always starving and food security is always a recurring issue. Almost all countries economy is relying on agriculture as the backbone.

Farmers do not get value for their produce which has a high rank in the world coffee, tea and cocoa is just a good example.

Internally most countries cannot feed their populations because authorities that are responsible with matters of food do not take their job seriously.

Semi-arid areas rely on Non Governmental agencies to start up projects to sustain them during the hard times.

Why should be agriculture be a backbone of our economy yet people are dying of starvation?

Kenyan tea is ranked among the best, but farmers do not get value for their produce due to exploitation. photo/courtesy

3. Education

Let’s face it education is foreign, it might be confusing for some folks , but isn’t it time we revisit the quality?

Graduates are graduating every year with funny titled courses only to go back to their villages and do nothing.

We need education that solves our problems not imported courses that are not needed in the market.

Our education system is the reason there are minimal inventions or innovations from our youth.

We need to equip our children with skills that make them problem solvers of their society.

That is why Africans are in the Mediterranean sea searching for greener pastures in Europe.

Others have been enslaved in Arab countries.

You cannot blame a brother for looking elsewhere.

4. Corruption

Africa still ranks highly in corruption, we loose billions of revenue through corruption. Taxpayers cannot get value for their tax because other people have to fill their bellies.

We have poor infrastructure, poor health, bad roads, poaching of income gaining wildlife. We cannot grow economically if integrity and transparency of the leaders is still questionable.

Countless times have donors frozen their funding due to misappropriation of aid meant to improve people languishing in disease, poverty and hunger.

The above issues are just an example of why we need to revisit the shithole statement and look deeper in ourselves and figure why we are messed up.

What do you think we need to improve to make Africa a better place for us all?

By Victor Von Njagi



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