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Higher Education with an Extra High


YOLO is the most abused term in campus life , everyone is all about experimenting everything that the world has to offer. Unprotected sex ,betting, public likes and the most lethal of them all; Drugs.

Even the A student in high school who was an introvert in secondary school will tell you they have tried at least a drug while in Campus.Drug dealers have realized that campus students are a ready market for any drug that will guarantee them a high.


Gone are the days when alcohol was a taboo, unless you had raised kids of your own , alcohol is just alcohol and campus students are experimenting on other drugs because alcohol has turned out to be so random. Over the counter is the new darling to young adults, media reports have exposed a popular chest syrup with an active chemical called codeine. Codeine is an active ingredient in cough syrups that causes drowsiness and therefore, a feeling of “high” making it a cheap substitute for cocaine and other narcotics.

Codeine is popular among khat users,considering khat is heavily consumed countrywide, codeine has witnessed huge sales until the Poisons Board instructed pharmacists to sell the drug only under prescriptions .The drug is either mixed with Soda or alcoholic drinks and creates a euphoria to the user.


Shisha is another darling to Campus students that did not last long as the government banned it in the beginning of the year, women were increasingly getting hooked up to the tobacco product which has a flavor element that entices most users. Some business collapsed upon the ban since young people had ventured in the shisha supply business.Unlike cigarette , health experts believe that shisha has more adverse effects to a user compared to a pack of cigarettes

A reveler smoking shisha in a night club.The average shisha-smoking session lasts an hour and research has shown that in this time you can inhale the same amount of smoke as from more than 100 cigarettes. photo/courtesy


Marijuana is one of the most popular drugs you will come across in campus. There are dealers in almost every corner.They collude with campus security to ensure business does not come to a halt, students are also used along the chain to ensure that the drugs get to the final user.Marijuana has resulted to campus dropuots due to its long term effects such us Impaired thinking and ability to learn and perform complex tasks ,Lower life satisfaction on the user.Weed cookies are also popular because they are not easy to detect.

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Alcohol sums up everything in campus. Most graduates are not able to cope with employment due to excessive indulgence to alcohol once they are employed. Monday has the least attendance due to the weekend Chronicles that involve sampling of almost all alcohol brands that come along the way.

Alcohol is the culprit for unplanned pregnancies in campus, drunk driving especially in private universities and other premature deaths as a result of being disorderly during night outs.

Government agencies need to create awareness on drug and substance awareness among young people.Universities also need put up stringent rules on drug use  within school premises The future of the young people can only get better if the spend most of their lives sober and orderly. Parents also need to set a good example because drug influence can be as a result of exposure at young age.

Lets campaign towards a sober generation!!


By Victor Von Njagi


If you are hhoked to drugs and need help, click here


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