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A Glass of Rain Water Please?

It’s March Already!!  See how time flies and more importantly we have the rains with us.  The down pour was more of a train that took too long to arrive.  The heat, the economic pressure, and everything hot that was associated with the persistent dry spell.

Allow me to quit the problematic flattery that came along with the hot sun, let us school ourselves on how we can make the best out of the rains we are currently praising.  We will get washed, fares will hike in the transport industry, creation of sea estates in the urban settlement and other form of havoc I can only allow the mainstream media to report about.

It is sad how most of the water goes downstream with little or no benefits to the people who get rained on.  Particularly in the major cities, the only major benefit of rains to the dwellers is the wash away of the dust.  Gallons of water either block the sewage system as it heads to our poor drainage systems to wherever we seem not to need it.

The National Disaster management unit needs to create a sensitization campaign to all Kenyans on the need to collect rain water to stop the main dependence on tap water which has proved to be inefficient during the dry periods through the years.

nairobi floods
A section of a flooded roundabout, a lot of flush water is never utilised in most urban centers, we do not have water harvesting policies. Photo courtesy 

In a nutshell most of the social amenities are scarce due to overdependence on paid services which are sometimes strained.  Landlords could save the hustle of buying `clean water’ when drought strikes.  All the water that splashes on the spacious parking in estates could be collected though roofing systems that would in return give water for consumption for free reducing the high demand on our poor water delivery systems that are somehow a disappointment to the public.

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Solar power system is another gem that house owners need to tap.  New data released by the KPLC.  Shows that Nairobi accounted for 50.2 per cent of its unit sales in the year to June.  The rise of settlement in Nairobi county and its neighbor counties results to high consumption owing to the industrialization rate, domestic power users should embrace solar power to cut costs incurred in power consumption.

After all is said, we need to prepare ourselves for more rains by planting trees.  Our children might face a water shortage due to our passiveness I matters of environmental conservation.  Pricy furniture may seem eye catching but we must interact with the environment in a friendly manner.  We are turning into enemies of our own surroundings, let us plant more as the rains shower on us.  Let us reduce our dependency on tap water.

Remember Malaria is watching during this wet season, create way for stagnant water which is a breeding area for mosquitos .

I’m out


By Victor Von Njagi




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