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The Faults in Our Stars, Sorry Political Class.

What a crazy time to be a Kenyan citizen!! Less than a year since the general elections that left the Kenyans with holes in their pocket and the politicians, well with a sore throat as a result of the noise they made trying to woo voters.

Since the so called handshake, we have had political comedy centrals at the heart of the nation. A looming referendum, political dancing chairs even when we are at the middle of a downpour that has seen hundreds lose their lives.

Even juicer, last weekend a media house ran a story of what could be another money lost by the heavily funded NYS through tenderpreneurs. Isn’t it just crazy how we get whirled by crazy events that involve taxpayers’ money?

The University Dons strike is still on. Two months later and nobody seemed perturbed by the state of affairs at the higher learning sector. This could be a sign that Kenyans are mere votes and nothing more.

Barely a year since we voted, I believe 90% of university students were involved in the general election and probably their votes even resulted to the win of the current government, but the same voters are still waiting for their lecturers to get paid. These voters are probably so idle that they are hooked to some sort of drugs or even prostitution in some dark alley somewhere at the CBD.

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We are 3 months shy to a year since the general elections were held and now succession politics have already started creating a storm among the so called coalitions. Why are we bringing 2022 elections debate to a nation that has striking lecturers in 25 public universities? Why 2022 when the just hired ministerial appointees have already getting their hands in the cookie jar?


Chairs are seen arranged inside a lecture hall at the Garissa University College in Garissa
Empty lecture halls as a result of lecturers’ which the government is yet to address. Photo/ Courtesy



County governments are yet to prove their worth at the county level but their showdowns are the only performance they can account of.

A cartel country is a word that has been thrown around and now it is evident that the common citizens are just a means to power and not a symbol of a country that acquired independence through sacrifice from people who wanted power within the people. Now it turns out that power is no longer within the people but within some quarters.

We can always chest thump about our tribal affiliations when supporting individuals, but deep in our hearts we now know that politicians are a class of people who sleep in the same bed. People who would craft a referendum overnight and influence the same people who they have evidently failed to represent in different capacities to embrace a referendum that has no importance to them.

Parting Shot: I am not a prophet but I believe by the time I am done penning this article, some millions somewhere have been diverted to a personal account, after all they eat the meat while we do the dishes, right?

By Victor Von Njagi



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